afterDark July 16 2023

Time: 12pm-5pm

Date: Sunday July 16

Location: Porsche Centre North Toronto

From gastronomy to music, we invite visitors to dive into the colourful world of Porsche and colour outside the lines at PCNT during our 75th Anniversary event.

SHADES OF FOOD: A collaboration inviting well- known local chefs to dream in culinary colours and to share their creations on site using branded food trucks.

SHADES OF ART: For the Festival of Dreams Porsche invites artists to dream in full colour and to inspire our audience to form their own relationship with colour.

SHADES OF THOUGHTS: A collaborative format between creative visionaries and artists to share their perspectives on the importance of versatile influences and bold dreams.

SHADES OF SOUND: An exclusive concert series featuring vibrant and diverse artists, happening in unique Porsche colours.

Sponsored By:
Porsche Centre North Toronto
165 Yorkland Boulevard Toronto, ON M2J 4R2
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afterDark July 16 2023
afterDark July 16 2023
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