As Canada's largest and rapidly expanding Porsche enthusiast club, boasting around 3,000 members, we invite you to join our esteemed community. By joining this club, you'll be immersed in a vibrant network of fellow Porsche owners and enthusiasts who gather regularly throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our organized events, including track days, meets cruises, and various social gatherings, provide ample opportunities to connect and engage. We take pride in being the original Porsche-focused organization and a trailblazer within the Canadian Porsche community. Notably, we pioneered the immensely popular after-dark meets and Funday Cruise drives.

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We warmly invite you to join us and share your unwavering passion for Porsche. PTN (Porsche True North) is free to join and offers free participation. All you need to bring is your boundless energy! Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the club operates on a well-funded budget.
We have orchestrated numerous thrilling track days, cruises, and unforgettable after-dark meets. Many more special events are planned for the coming season. Join and be part of all the exciting days ahead.


Thank you for joining us, and a warm welcome to our club! We take great pride in providing all these incredible events to our members without any cost. We sincerely value your ongoing support and active participation and request that all members maintain a sense of respect and common courtesy toward their fellow club members. Any instances of trolling, fake accounts, or hateful posts will be promptly addressed, and the individuals responsible will be removed from the community. Below, we have outlined our key philosophies, which we ask you to read, internalize, and always uphold.

key philosophies

(1) Porsche Owners

PTN is for past, present and future Porsche owners.

(3) Inclusiveness Not Exclusivity

We welcome all as long as you adhere to rules one and two.

(2) Mutual Respect

At our club, mutual respect is an absolute requirement. We believe in fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment where every member feels valued and respected. We firmly reject any form of slander, elitism, or prejudicial behaviour. Such conduct will never be tolerated or accepted within our community.


Fueled by Passion. Driven by you!

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